Dew-Pond Cooling Towers Pvt. ltd.

Dew-Pond a group of young and dynamic professionals offer you the latest technology in Cooling Towers. Careful design backed by excellent technical services ensures trouble free operation for the lifetime of your Cooling Tower.

Dew-Pond selects and offer Cooling Tower to suit specific requirements. Dew-Pond identifies the Cooling Tower as an integral part of process rather than an isolated unit. Cooling Tower is designed to enhance efficiency of the process as a whole. And with a strict quality control at various stages of manufacture, you get a product to totally bank upon.

Hence, relax when its Dew-Pond.

Dew-Pond has a wide product range covering a large number of industrial applications.

Dew-Pond Cooling Towers are suitable for many industrial applications, a few of which are :

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Plants

Chilling Plants

Air Compressors

D. G. Sets

Plastic Moulding Machines

Furnace Cooling

Process Cooling

De-Gassing etc.

Dew-Pond also offers you a very wide choice of material of construction as well as of design of various components to suit specific requirements for example stainless steel fastners and PP Inner shell for acidic water, non-clog type of splash bars for water containing solid particles, PVC fills in wooden Cooling Tower for compactness etc.

Dew-Pond has a team of service personnel offering prompt and efficient after sales service. Adequate inventory of spares enables timely completion of any break down job.

Dew-Pond also undertake UPGRADATION / MODIFICATION of Cooling Towers Viz. replacing Gear Box Driven fan into Direct Driven fan to eliminate maintenance etc.

So ask for a Dew-Pond Cooling Tower specifying the following to enable us select a Cooling Tower which would be as good as tailor made for you.

Rate of flow of water

Hot water temperature

Desired recooled water temperature

WBT at site

Quality of water (pH etc.)


Any specific requirement (Viz. space limitation etc.)

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