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Simple, Compact, Lowcost, Light Weight SADHANA Cable Support System for "Cable in Free Air"

The Largest Cable Support System Manufacturing Company in India


A complete range of accessories & support materials for all applications in Steel & Aluminium.

We offer you a variety of Cable Tray type and construction to meet the requirements of even greater variety of tray applications. One or more trays will be found to be most economical for a given set of conditions. In general three types of cable trays are available.

1. Ladder Type

2. Perforated Type

3. Channel Type

Standard widths are 150, 300, 450, 600 mm sizes. All type of cable trays are made of Aluminium or Hot-Dip Galvanised steel. Cable trays are available in lengths of 2.5 / 3/ 5 metres. Each item is supplied with a pair of splice plates and necessary hardware. Cable Tray fittings such as Horizontal bends, outside and inside vertical bends, 30, 45, 60 & 90 degrees having 300, 450 & 600 mm radius, Horizontal crosses, tees, reducers etc. are also available.

The following steps will aid you in selecting the tray best suited for your application.

A) What cables are being used ? What is the cable construction ? The OD Construction of the smallest cable will usually determine the rung spacing or bottom construction as recommended above. The OD and construction of the larger cable will determine the fitting radius, due to the minimum bending requirements of cable.

B) What are the space and / or field requirements ? Power cables are normally placed in a single layer and spaced 1/4 to one cable diameter to allow adequate ventilation. Control and signal circuit cables may be stacked in one ore more layers. Take note of any "future requirements". It is much less expensive to select a wider or deep tray now then to install another tray later.

C) You can now specify the tray type, the tray width, depth and fitting radius.Sadhana Engineering Corporation based on its years of experience has developed and standardised on a full range of cable ladders, ventilated trays and cable ducts. Sadhana Tray System is low cost, easy to install, most efficient, energy saving, cable laying system, look elegant and is easy to maintain. Sadhana introduced Hot Dip Galvanised, light weight sheet metal pre-fabricated cable tray system, replacing old system of manufacturing cable ladders out of M. S. Angles and flats thereby reducing the dead weight of tray increasing load capacity, economy in material, assembly costs and installation time. All welded construction with a smooth inner surface to prevent cable damage. All necessary direction, change fittings, support materials, all accessories and connectors are available to complete the system.

Ladder Trays can be ordered in five different widths and four usable depths using four different rung spacing. Medium heavy duty tray exceeds NEMA class II requirements.


is manufactured from continuously cold rolled steel sections for light weight construction and then hot dipped galvanised after forming. The range includes : Light, Medium, Heavy (Extra deep) Heavy Duty cable Ladders for metal sheathed cables - Ventilated type heavy duty cable trays to provide continuous support for non metal sheathed cables - Ventilated and non ventilated type cable ducts to carry low power, control, signal, instrumentation and telephone cables. The range is therefore complete to carry economically, all types of HT and LT power cables, multi conductor control cables, instrumentation and signal cables telephone cables and conductor indoor, in plants, trenches, shafts, suspended in ceilings or outdoors in highly corrosive atmospheres.

Sadhana Cable Support System is specially designed for quick and easy assembly to give a made to measure perfectly fitting criss cross of cable ladders and trays to neatly carry cables in your entire installation and with a finish to give you that sophisticated look, at a low cost.

Sadhana Cable Support Systems are designed to withstand the dynamic loads, encountered during installation and to give you full technical performance at a minimum cost. The range is complete and can readily be adjusted to negotiate with all types of Architectural requirements. High quality hot dip galvanising gives complete protection from corrosion. The perfect surface treatments are maintenance free to give life expectancy as good as the life of your installation.


a long term commitment quality control at every stage of process operations to maintain permissible tolerances.

Safety makes an essential aspect hence requirements of ellaborate quality control methods. Sharp edges are specially rounded off and burrs removed with extra care to prevent damage to cables.

Quality assurance methods at Sadhana factories and plants are planned and coordinated specially in case of testing supported by an independent quality assurance department, who looks at the product through the eyes of the customer to satisfy high quality requirements.

Cable support system you select must be a right one the first time and no second chance possible once the cables are laid.

Sadhana Engineering Corporation - the largest cable support system manufacturing company in India will provide you a total service for a system, with trouble free installation and guaranteed performance.

We are the most organised and experienced company in the field of manufacturing cable support systems to the most stringnent specifications. The innovation spirit in our company ensures a maintained standard, for a product reliable and suitable for the intended task.

The extensive production and Galvanising facility in our plant reflects this development / achievement and indicated that Sadhana as a company can meet future demands with a strong commitment to quality.

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